How to Setup Eazybooks Accounting Solution: Master Module

Setting up the eazybooks according to requirements of your business is very essential. “Master” module in eazybooks would help you to do just that. Please read following setup instructions and if any help is required please email us at or call us at 0280 21 94 38.

Once you click “Masters” module , you will see following tabs:

  • Primary Heads
  • Secondary Heads
  • Financial Year
  • Super Annuation Fund
  • Salary Head
  • Category

Primary Heads Tab: This is for reference only. Please click Primary heads tab and click “Add new primary heads”. You may add two primary heads namely :ASSETS and LIABILITIES by repeating same steps.

Secondary Heads Tab: Here you may enter following accounts by clicking “Add new Secondary heads” (These heads have to be created under one of the ASSETS or LIABLITIES primary heads, Also type the opening balances of these accounts from your bank statements or earlier accounting records). Some examples:

  • ASSETS: Business Bank Account 1 OR Bank Account 2
  • ASSETS: Cash on Hand OR Cash Drawer OR Petty cash
  • LIABILITIES: Credit card OR Mastercard OR Visa OR AMEX
  • LIABILITIES: Director loans OR Bank Loans OR Other Loans

Financial Year:

For the coming year Choose dates 01/07/2013 to 30/06/2014

For previous years choose from 01/07/20XX to 30/06/20XX

Superannuation Fund: Here you can enter the superannuation fund names which your employees are registered with or your business is registered under. These superfund details will also come in payslips and can be chosen when adding a new employee. Just click “New Superannuation fund” and add the fund name.

Salary Heads: These salary heads will form the part of payslips. These salary heads can be chosen for your employees by clicking the check box for particular employee when you add a new employee. But first you need to add salary heads here. Some examples:

  • Gross Salary
  • Hourly
  • Allowance
  • Overtime
  • Commission
  • Bonus
Catagory: There are the Income and Expenses accounts which are used to allocate your Sales or Expenses. A few commonly used account categories are already provided for your convenience. For example:
  • Sales Income
  • Interest Income
  • Accounting fees
  • Advertising
  • ect ect ect